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Automated Fingerprint Identification System

AFIS( Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

The Fingerprint Bureau of CID Bangladesh Police had been maintaining manual (Henry system) data base since its starting as per Police Regulation. Afterwards, Bangladesh Police took initiative to establish AFIS for utilizing fingerprints in criminal identification in large scale. In the fiscal year of 2008-2009, CID Bangladesh Police  established Automated Fingerprint Identification System .

The utilities of AFIS are as follows:

  1. It is capable of electronic databases of ten millions of ten prints containing finger and palm prints, demographic data, mugs shot and scar, marks, tattoo (SMT) images, and other necessary information on persons fingerprinted; and  unsolved latent impressions, both fingers and palms, found at crime scenes.
  2. It can detect whether a criminal was involved in any crime previously.
  3. It is capable to recognize any unidentified person alive or dead.
  4. It can whether a crime has been committed by a single person or by a gang.
  5. It can contribute to any further punishment to the concerned criminals by supplying convicted PC& PR.
  6. Remote access to AFIS databases over internet channels for transmitting information and conducting of searches including real-time identity (ID) checks.
  7. It provides the facility to  exchange data with AFIS in ANSI/NIST/FBI standard format.





AFIS Works Station


Activities the AFIS of CID

Since its starting AFIS has been contributing to identify the criminals and providing information about the criminals. The inter-connectivity is already done with Criminal Data Management System (CDMS) & National Identity (NID) severs of Bangladesh.


Future Expansion Plan of AFIS:

Considering the importance of AFIS in crime restraint, booking station/working station will be established at district CID office to facilitate all the CID district offices to get remote access directly to the AFIS server and thereby expedite the investigation by criminal identification and controlling the crime rate effectively.


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