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Ballistic Section

          This section provides the expert opinions on the matters related to judicial affairs especially with the fire arms, ammunitions and its parts related to any crime or criminal activity. Ballistics section receives the exhibits from the investigating officer being authorized by honorable court. Assistant Superintendent of Police(ASP, Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors of Police are working here as experts who examine the exhibits of firearms and ammunitions to ascertain whether a firearm is active or not and also an ammunition is alive or not. Digital Comparison Microscope and Automated Ballistics Identification System (ABIS) are the devices available in Ballistics Lab, Dhaka. Examination under comparison microscope and ABIS reveals whether all the fired bullets and fired cartridges have been fired from the same gun. Striking marks of the firing pin on the percussion cap of the fired cartridge collected from the scene if found matching under comparison microscope or on the ABIS with that on the sample fired from the suspected gun can safely be inferred that they have been fired from the same gun. If not matching they are not from the same gun. Same is the procedure for the identification of fired bullets. Another one Ballistics lab is in Chattogram of its kind.CID is in plan to set up ballistics lab in all divisional cities of Bangladesh in future.



Firing is done through bullet catcher                     Microscopic analysis of firing pin marks,                        Firing Pin Marks analysis (Side by Side).






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