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Crime Scene

      For reducing dependency of traditional oral statement based Investigation, CID established Crime Scene Investigation Unit to collect physical evidence for the first in 2006.  Initially only one unit was opened in CID Headquarters, Malibagh, Dhaka with a well equipped evidence collection van to support the investigators all over the country. Gradually, several units are opened in different divisional headquarters and currently it increased to all eight divisional headquarters with evidence collection van and trained manpower.

The main job of CID Crime Scene Unit is to assist investigators in collecting digital, latent, trace and biological evidence from the scene of crime. In recent years the unit played an effective role in collecting explosive related evidences in every terrorist crime scene starting from Gulshan Holly Artisan (2016) to Madhabdi, Norshingdi (2018).

Usually, this unit moves to a crime scene on requisition from investigator or a police station, but if there is any sensitive incident or an incident that may have national impact Crime scene team moves immediately to the scene to assist local Police.  

Approximately, 180 to 200 Crime scenes are visited every year. In 2018 total 197 Crime scenes are visited where 1409 physical evidences are collected.


Crimes scene team responding to a terrorist scene   Crime scene team working on a burglary scene   Crime scene team responding to a terrorist scene


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