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Cyber Crime

     Government has inordinate superintendence on cyber crimes in Bangladesh . To triumph over Cyber Crime, Bangladesh Government has approved “Cyber Police center (CPC)” boosted with 342 police personnel on 11 Oct 2018 which is the biggest in Bangladesh. Through the existing “Cyber Crime Squad” whose strength was only 22 has been reformed to CPC now stepping into a new era to ensure more authorities in prevention of crimes in cyber sector.

CPC surveillance and action comprises crime against people, properties and state securities as well as public interest especially in cyber crimes like - 

  • Cyber Harassment
  • Cyber Stalking & Bullying
  • Pornography specially Child Pornography through internet
  • Phishing & Spoofing
  • Digital Device- based Currency and Bank Fraud
  • Debit & Credit card scam
  • National Securities issues on Cyber Space
  • Digital Device- based Crimes etc.

All are supervised under Digital Security Act, 2018, Pornography Act, 2012 and also under all other existing law of the state.

Till time this unit has achieved several attainments. Among those, investigation into Bangladesh Bank heist, question leakage of universities, medical colleges, debit & credit card fraud &scam are same prodigious achievements.


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