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Cyber Patrolling

Cyber Patrolling

        To combat with fake, fabricated and harmful contents floating in cyberspace, CID has its own human resources and technologies vested to Cyber Police Center (CPC). A team of highly experienced and devoted personnel are engaged 24/7 to monitor our cyber space especially social media. Recently, they are equipped with high tech devices and services to monitor report and detect criminal in cyber haystack.

      Unlike cyber investigator team, cyber monitoring team has a wide spread responsibilities. Their unique mechanism of work enables them to detect fake and fabricated news precisely which empower them to take necessary action against them.

     Now a days both government and mass people are concerned about those issues. In recent past , different groups were tried to make and push false information in different situations. Our dynamic monitoring team instantly spotted those activities and took lawful actions which in turn ensured safety and security of mass people


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