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Digital Forensic

Digital Forensic Lab

             Digital Forensics Lab of CID started its journey in 2011-12. Later on, under the project "Enhancing the Cyber Crime Investigation Capability of Bangladesh Police" financed by KOICA & designed by Korean Cyber experts, it was transformed into the state-of-art Digital Forensics Lab. It was inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister and the Ambassador of Republic of Korea on the 23rd January 2017. The lab provides forensic support to investigating agencies in the matters of cybercrime & digital evidences & gives forensic expert opinion which is presented to the court as judicial evidence. In 2018, the lab provided forensic expert opinions in about 1000 cases involving over 4000 digital evidences. Under the direct supervision of the Special Superintendent of Police (Digital Forensics), the best-in-class digital forensic experts & managers of the country trained in or by the internationally acclaimed institutions like the Korean National Police Agency, KNPA Cyber Bureau & National Forensic Services (NFS) of Korea, FBI, RCMP, AFP, INTERPOL etc. are working in this lab. All sorts of digital devices seized during the investigation of any case are examined by certified IT forensic personnel in this lab. Devices include computers, laptops, mobile phones, tabs, hard disks, pen-drives, CD/DVDs, recording devices, digital cameras, VOIP equipment, drones, SIMs, memory sticks, network devices, DVR/NVR (CCTV) etc. Furthermore, forensic expert opinions on Social Media communications & online activities of criminals are also given. The experts of this lab predicted cyber incidents similar to the Bangladesh Bank heist one month before it actually happened. They are now also extensively engaged in training government agencies & officials, intelligence agencies, banks & research teams etc. regarding cyber security & policy, cyber threat assessment etc.





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