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         Detective Training School is an in-service training center of CID for the officers from Assistant Sub-Inspector to Additional SP of Bangladesh Police to improve the quality of criminal investigation and supervision. It was established on the 25th July, 1963 and now headed by an Additional DIG designated as the Commandant of this School. It is situated at Rajarbagh of Dhaka city on a multistoried building with modern training equipments and residential facilities. Since inception, this institute has produced a good number of highly professional investigating and detective officers.



To organize and prepare police officers to render service professionally and efficiently to the citizens of the country.



To create highly trained efficient police officers who can uphold the rule of law, prevent and detect crime, maintain social order and prepare to face the future challenges which may appear with the advancement of society and with the passage of time.



1. Detective Training School arranges the following Courses :

SL. Name of Course Designation Duration
1 Logistics And Estate Management Course Addl. SP/Sr. ASP/ASP 01 Week
2 Aid to Good Investigation Sr. ASP/ASP 03 Weeks
3 Investigation, Supervision and Prosecution Inspector 02 Weeks
4 Prevention of Women Oppression & Human Behaviors Inspector/SI 01 Week
5 Post Blast Investigation Inspector/SI 01 Week
6 Prosecution Course   Court Inspector/SI/ASI 02 Weeks
  Higher Investigation Sub Inspector 06 Weeks
  Basic Computer Course   CID Police Officers 04 Weeks
  Special Course on Human Rights   Inspector/SI/ Sergeant 01 Week  


2. In the year 2018 Detective Training School successfully completed the following courses :

Sl. Name of the Course Number of Participants  Number of Course  Duration  (in Weeks)
1 Aid to Good Investigation 133 08 03
2 Logistic and Estate Management 61 04 01
3 Investigation, Supervision and Prosecution 530 12 02
4 Prevention of Women Oppression & Human Behaviors 716 22 01
5 Post Blast Investigation 660 24 01
6 Special Investigation for PBI  30 01 02
7 Higher Investigation 450 09 06
8 Prosecution 420 14 02
9 Basic Computer 350 12 04
10 CDMS  ToT Course 190 05 04
11 Instructor Development Course (IDC) 80 02 02
  Total 3620 113  


3. Forecast-2019



1. Dormitory

    Detective Training School has a six-storied dormitory building where almost 120 participants are capable to be accommodated.

2. Canteen

    DTS has a canteen where breakfast, lunch and dinner are available for the participants.


3. Mess

    DTS has a mess at the ground floor of the dormitory building.


4. Library

    The library of DTS is well equipped with various books, journals and audio-visual aids. Participants well have ready access to reading facilities. Participants  are encouraged to use library facilities at the maximum. Library remains open as per following timetable-

Saturday to Thursday       from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm
Friday                             from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm


5. Computer Lab

    The school provides participants with a good number of person computers to develop their IT skills. In computer lab all computers are connected with broadband internet facilities.


6. Prayer Room

    There is a prayer room for the participants, stuffs and officers of DTS at the 2nd floor of the academic building.

7. Dress Code

    Participants are to wear uniform during inaugural and graduation ceremonies. Participants must wear official dresses in all academic sessions and on formal occasions.  Female participants are encouraged to wear sari or formal salwar kamij during regular academic sessions.


8. Working Hour

    From 9.00 am to 3.30 pm.



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