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Forensic DNA

           Forensic DNA service is the latest and proud addition to the forensic division of CID. DNA is considered as an ultimate unique identifier of any biological entity. Forensic DNA technology takes into account this uniqueness to accurately identify and distinguish individuals, establish heredity, separate human and nonhuman samples- which are of vital importance when investigating rape, murder, resolve paternity issues, identifying an unknown dead body and so forth. The main aim of Forensic DNA services provided by CID is to identify accurately a biological trace in question, found in any criminal or civil case or in judicial and policing contexts. Although Forensic DNA technology is relatively new, the underpinning principles of DNA science-DNA can be recovered potentially from any part of biological entity and will retain same distinctiveness of an individual-can lay down the seminal proofs from a minimum amount of forensic trace. This improves the authenticity of criminal detection by establishing facts which can then be used to form the foundation of prosecution and justice. This service which is prominently used worldwide is also robustly being used to solve crimes in Bangladesh by CID. 

Forensic DNA laboratory project began in 2011; after hands-on trial and validation, have started case sample examination from 2014. This lab conducts forensic DNA analysis of all types of biological evidence related to criminal or civil cases. The laboratory follows its own validation rules and protocols, also, applies international guidelines for forensic DNA examination as per requirement. It is regularly being monitored by international experts and the lab personnel undergo rigorous training for capacity building.  With the evidence provided by Forensic DNA lab of CID, Bangladesh Police has successfully solved numerous criminal and civil cases till date.  Now, every month Forensic DNA lab receives hundreds of cases from different courts and police stations from all over the country. 


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