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History of CID

    CID has its own century old history and heritage of solving difficult cases. During the British regime in 1902-1903, a commission was formed by Lord Curzon for making recommendations to reshape the organizational and functional structure of police. According to the recommendations, the colonial police was further organized. One of the recommendations was to constitute Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in each province under a Deputy Inspector General as the administrative head.Eventually on March 21, 1905 the then British India Government accepted the recommendations of the Commission and ordered to start the department in every province by 1907. In Bengal the CID came into existence on April 01, 1906 with Head Quarters at Calcutta. Later, East Pakistan CID started functioning with Head Quarters in Dhaka in 1947. Following the liberation war in 1971, CID Bangladesh commenced its journey. In the year 1991, the post of DIG as head of CID has been upgraded to Addl. IGP.


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