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           The most important mandate of CID is Investigation. It is the apex body of criminal investigation in Bangladesh. To conduct investigation in scientific way is the difference from others as well as the excellence of this unit. CID performs its investigation process by using different scientific and technological tools. This is the reason of its high accuracy of investigation. It disposes more than 3000 cases on an average in each  year which includes 22 categories of scheduled offences.


Scheduled Offences:

CID has the authority to investigate 22 categories of offences which are called ‟Scheduled Offences for CID”. These are-

  1. Murder for gain
  2. Human trafficking
  3. Kidnapping for ransom
  4. Terrorist activities and terrorist financing
  5. Transitional organized crimes
  6. Implantation or removal of different parts to or from the human body
  7. Adulteration in consumable goods
  8. Dacoity
  9. Cyber crime
  10. Pornography
  11. Smuggling
  12. Drugging or poisoning
  13. Infringement of intellectual property rights
  14. Infringement of copy rights
  15. Counterfeiting of coin or stamps
  16. Drug abuses
  17. Highway, railways or mail robbery
  18. Deed forgery
  19. Bank frauds
  20. Swindling
  21. Insurance frauds of serious nature
  22. Cheat by bogus appointment

Besides the aforementioned scheduled cases, CID is the only authorized unit on behalf of Bangladesh police to investigate the money laundering cases derived from predicate offences under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2012.


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