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Micro-Analysis Section

        This section provides the expert opinions on the subjects to judicial affairs such as all the small bits and pieces of material and non material that can be used to assist with the investigation of crimes and accidents. This section receives the exhibits from the investigation officer being authorized by honorable court. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Inspectors and Sub-inspectors of Police are working here as experts who examine the exhibit metals( Iron, aluminum, copper, steel, etc), vehicles( Motor cycle, CNG Auto rickshaw, Private car, Bus, Micro bus, Truck), Firearms, Paints, Glass & Glass fragments, Hair, Soil Tissue and Fibers. Recover Engine number, Chassis number, Serial number and trade mark or any identification mark from obliterated or erased surface of vehicles, metals and Firearms by using number restoration chemicals such as Etching solution, metal gel (Steel, Aluminum, and Copper) Neutralizing solution, Sand paper, Surfacing solution and Neutralizing solution. Paints, Glass & Glass fragments, Hair, Soil, Tissue and Fibers are examined and compared with a known sample may link a person or persons to specific offenses. In a year the section analyzes 400 to 500 exhibits of 90 to 100 cases on an average.


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