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Paternity Test

Paternity or maternity test in case of legal dispute.

      Alongside examining evidentiary materials in assistance to police or court case investigation, the laboratory also conducts paternity or maternity test in regards to civil suits and sends expert opinions to the court in aid of judicial process. 

     According to the circular 44.00.0000., date 19.12.2013 from Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh, fee, taka 3000 (three thousand) is required per person for DNA examination in civil suits. The fee should be deposited in any branch of Sonali Bank Ltd, Bangladesh under the treasury financial code 1221100002031or as the court defines. The main copy of the Treasury Pay Form needs to be attached with the court order and submitted to the laboratory along with the expecting persons attending to the laboratory for providing reference samples. It is also recommended for the plaintiff and defendant to come together to the laboratory with their lawyers.

      However, no fee is required for DNA examination in criminal cases in reference to the above-mentioned circular.


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